Skytanking expertise sought at New Istanbul Int’l Airport

As an independent aviation fueling service company with international presence, Hamburg-based Skytanking Group has an Operations and Engineering Competency Center in Brussels. Skytanking expertise was called in Mid-October by New Istanbul International Airport to review the lay-out positios of 500+ fuel hydrant pits.

It is weeks before apron concrete works are planned to start at the New Istanbul International Airport mega hub airport project (that is presently under construction). Skytanking is asked to bring in its engineering and operations experts to revise the layout plans of 500+ hydrant pits. Thanks to the sharp view of the IGA fuel delivery team, potential problems due to anticipated fleet mix and aircraft stop positions were identified. Skytanking dedicates its expert team under the lead of aviation fueling operations veteran Luc Maes to finish the study, to reposition 90% of all hydrant pits on each of the parking positions, in order to allow fuel hydrant construction and apron concrete paving works to continue without any delay.